Fashion is universal; it is not exclusive to any gender. Through time, we have learned that not only women were guided or lived fashionably, but men as well. As we always say, fashion is more than style as it is a medium for an individual to fully express himself. We may be hearing rules, here and there, about clothing. But the best rule? No rules. Yes, there is no rule in fashion. If it is otherwise, then we are missing the main point about fashion.

Contrary to popular belief, men are very attentive as to the clothes they wear. Now that everything is visual, men have become more concerned and involved in fashion. While men do not have as much as women when we talk about range of selection of clothing, men when buying clothes always take into consideration quality over quantity. And we now come to a point that there is already a big competition between men and women landing on magazine covers, which just proves how festive the fashion industry is for men, especially when we talk about clothing.

Much like women, men vary in style. The only difference with men is that their clothes are spot-on and direct. You get what you see.   From celebrities to bloggers, a man’s clothing is in place. From the most difficult to put-up outfit to effortless styling, men’s clothing is indeed at its peak.

Casual Shirts

So you want to dress up, but not too flashy or you don’t want to look like you really made an effort to dress up, then what you need are casual shirts. These shirts are like a hybrid of tees and formal shirts. Well, like formal shirts, they have collars and are often button-up. Casual shirts, generally, have full sleeves that men fold to the elbow so as not to look stiff or formal. But just like shirts, they are more laidback and designed with casual details. The best part, moreover, is that a well-fitted casual shirt instantly improves your physique for a more flattering look.

Formal Cotton Shirts

Men may have a handful of shirts in the closet, but we are pretty sure that at least one of them, that is if you are living a totally laidback lifestyle, is a formal shirt. Can we just say that you will never be like James Bond without a formal shirt? Formal shirts are called in a couple of names like work shirt and its variation is called a dress shirt. Nonetheless, these formal shirts often come in a button-up feature and with full sleeves. They are available in different colors from pastel to dark colors, and from plain to printed ones. You can wear it by itself or sport it like James Bond.

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